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GBC International’s strategy is built upon listening, supporting, monitoring, consulting and guiding Individuals/Corporates as per their specific requests and needs. Our three specialized business products comprise:


Medical Assistance

For decades, Sub-Saharan countries have been strongly committed to providing their people with quality healthcare. However, with insufficient resources, they have encountered many problems which impede the treatment of serious illnesses.


Student Assistance

GBC - International Student Assistance is currently positioned as an emerging International Student Management & Financial Assistance business unit, continually establishing partnerships with Higher Education Institutions, African governments, private sector business partners and International Student communities.



GBC- International has 10 years of experience in International medical assistance and assists various government departments and large corporations. GBC- International is recognised as a company that renders excellent service to its clients in Africa.

We are pleased to offer customization or help with setup and deployment – let us know if you have any questions about how we could benefit you.


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