Project Description

“GBC” – International Student Assistance is currently positioned as an emerging International Student Management & Financial Assistance business unit, continually establishing partnerships with Higher Education Institutions, African governments, private sector business partners and International Student communities. The business unit aims to be sustainable through the realization of its profits.

“GBC” – International Student Assistance medium term vision is to sustain its business interests in South Africa and Gabon whilst establishing new ones in Senegal and Ghana respectively.

“GBC” – International Student Assistance long term vision is to expand its key activities to all African countries whilst actively contributing to the nation-building of these countries by assisting African universities to produce a superior quality of International Students that shall actively rebuild their countries’ economies.

“GBC” – International Student Assistance aims to promote the main goals associated with the Internationalization of African Higher Education Institutions through effective Comprehensive Student Management & Financial Assistance Services. The business unit continues to build and sustain key partnerships with African Universities, African governments, Private Sector companies, International Students and Parents.

“GBC” – International Student Assistance works tirelessly to enhance its existing client base whilst creating new relationship synergies with new stakeholders in all targeted categories.

“GBC” – International Student Assistance turns synergistically like a gear chamber as it creates multiple interactions with its key stakeholders. The business unit maintains high level of ethical conduct and a positive company culture in order to emerge as a long-term leading Student & Financial Assistance services provider.

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