Project Description

For decades, Sub-Saharan countries have been strongly committed to providing their people with quality healthcare. However, with insufficient resources; they have encountered many problems which impede the treatment of serious illnesses.

Hence, the need to evacuate patients became crucial to save lives. Although authoritarian efforts have been made to send patients to France, due to its existing relationship with Sub-Saharan Africa, the diversification of partners has become significantly important.GBC International has identified South Africa, together with France, Tunisia and Morocco, as alternative emergency evacuation destinations, and has partnered with several handpicked hospitals for their advanced technologies and modern infrastructure.

First to specialize in international medical assistance, GBC-International contributes meaningfully to improving the health conditions of Francophone populations in Sub-Saharan Africa. In close partnership with governments, companies, and medical facilities and services, GBC offers clients special attention and an extensive tracking service, ensuring admission to the top ultra-modern hospitals and clinics with the best medical talent and technologies.

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